Accutane Has Serious Side Effects

Accutane is a very potent medication originally intended to treat severe cases of acne. Accutane is a synthetic vitamin A which in simple terms works by causing a reduction in the production of oil in the skin. Accutane was very successful in controlling severe acne with the result that it began to be increasingly prescribed for less severe cases. Unfortunately, the benefits of Accutane come with a whole host of serious side effects including depression, hearing loss, stroke, suicidal thoughts, seizures, heart attack, inflammatory bowel disease, hair loss, cataracts, and serious birth defects. Accutane side effects are so severe that the Food and Drug Administration required its “black box” warning to be included on the label.

The list of Accutane side effects continues to grow. Because of the difficulty of bringing a lawsuit against a drug manufacturer for clearly disclosed and adequately emphasized side effects those claimants who have been most successful are those who took Accutane before the manufacturer issued warnings about the side effects which they experienced. Acutane users who experience serious side effects would be well advised to seek legal counsel. Accutane lawsuit verdicts have been in varying amounts up to $25,000,000.00.

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