Tyler Auto Accidents Usually Require An Attorney

I’m often asked if someone who has been in an auto accident needs to hire an attorney or whether they might be able to handle the matter without the assistance of an attorney. Unfortunately, the answer is that only someone who has experience with the personal injury claims process should attempt to handle an auto accident claim without the assistance of an attorney. Why? I often tell my clients that what I do is not always difficult but that knowing what do is extremely difficult.

Does the negligent driver’s insurance company have to give you a rental car? Can you make the negligent driver’s insurance company total your vehicle or do you have to have it repaired? Should the liability insurance company pay for your medical bills or should you file them on your health insurance? Do you get to choose your own doctor? Can you use both your Personal Injury Protection benefits and your health insurance? Why should you use your health insurance if the other driver caused your injuries? Why do you have to pay your health insurance company back if you settle your injury case? Will the health insurance company give you your premiums back if they get their money back? Should you wait until you finish your medical treatment before you make a settlement demand or should you try to settle now? Can you settle your auto accident claim now and still make the insurance company pay for your accident related medical treatment in the future? What is a reasonable settlement amount for your personal injury claim? What are your options if the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries or even worse doesn’t have any insurance at all?

These are all common issues that arise in an auto accident case. If you know the answer to these and dozens of other questions about auto accidents and personal injury claims then you may want to take a shot at handling your own case. Otherwise, you will need the assistance of an injury attorney or you will get skinned by an insurance adjuster who deals with these issues on a daily basis.

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