Other People File Frivolous Lawsuits

Most of my clients are nice, responsible people who have suffered significant injuries through no fault of their own. They would have liked to have been able to resolve the matter directly with the liability insurance carrier and made substantial efforts to do so. They made the decision to hire a lawyer as a last resort. Yet many of them still feel the need to make sure that I understand up front that they “don’t believe in lawsuits.” They then proceed to explain to me how they were blameless in causing their injuries, how difficult dealing with their injuries has been, how they only want to be treated fairly and how the insurance adjuster has ignored and abused them to such an extent that they feel that they have no choice but to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

We have all been brainwashed by many years of insurance company propaganda to subconsciously believe that all lawsuits filed by other people are frivolous and bad while we continue to rationally analyze our own situations and conclude that when necessary a lawsuit is a good thing and should be pursued. I offer as a prime example one of the leaders of an anti-lawsuit group. This gentlemen is an outspoken critic of lawsuits yet at last count he had reportedly filed more than sixty lawsuits. Obviously he believes that a good lawsuit is one which he files and a frivolous lawsuit is one filed by someone else. No one wants to be one of those “other people” who filed a lawsuit that we have been conditioned to believe is groundless or unnecessary. Yet few stop to think that those “other people” were also blameless, dealing with difficult injuries, only wanted to be treated fairly, and were ignored and abused by an insurance company before they filed one of those “other people” lawsuits.

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