Physician’s Family Brings Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Claim

The parents of new physician Dr. Jennifer Sidari of West Pittston have reportedly brought a wrongful death medical malpractice claim against Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center alleging that the hospital failed to properly diagnose and treat an easily diagnosable, treatable and entirely correctable blood clot which ultimately lead to her death. One cannot help but have sympathy for the needless loss of life and the suffering of her family.
It is not uncommon to hear doctors, hospitals and other members of the medical community argue that here are too many medical malpractice claims and that there should be no medical malpractice liability for medical mistakes made in good faith. Yet when members of the medical community are the victims of medical malpractice they continue to avail themselves of the laws which they so often criticize.
It seems that a bad lawsuit continues to be one filed by someone else. Perhaps the medical community should accept the fact that the medical malpractice laws sometimes serve a legitimate purpose.

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