“Pokémon Go” Takes Distracted Driving to a Whole New Level in Texas and Across the Nation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two or three weeks, you have probably heard about the recently released, location-based mobile game known as “Pokémon Go.”

Proponents of the game claim that it serves a useful purpose in that it gets otherwise sedentary video game players off the couch and out into the great outdoors in the quest in search of Pokémon, but critics of the game point to the dangers inherent in a distracted Pokémon Go player wandering around in the open while staring intently at his or her cell phone. Now, Pokémon Go has been associated with a car accident here in east Texas.

Crash in College Station

According to a news report describing a collision worked by Texas A&M campus police, a driver allegedly illegally parked his vehicle while in pursuit of a Pokémon in the area. A second car crashed into the player’s vehicle, causing an impact severe enough to deploy the airbags in the second vehicle. No injuries were reported, but it is possible that the driver of the first car will be held liable for the property damage to the second car.

Other Accidents Related to the Game

In Maryland, a Pokémon Go player allegedly drove his car into a police vehicle while playing the game. The incident was captured on video, much to the man’s embarrassment. He, too, could potentially be held liable for the property damage to the police car involved in the collision.

A player in Washington rear-ended another vehicle while reportedly engaged in the Pokémon Go game. A news report about the crash mentioned other accidents in New York (the player ran off the road and hit a tree), in Pennsylvania (a girl was struck by a car as she walked along the road), and even in Canada (a player backed into a police cruiser).

Just Another Distraction that Could Lead to Injuries and Death

Although Pokémon Go may be the “flavor of the month,” the problem of distracted driving is nothing new. Even in a less technologically advanced age, a driver who took his or her eyes of the road to adjust the radio, look into the backseat to scold a misbehaving child, or apply cosmetics could cause an accident.

Nowadays, however, the problem is rampant, with an increasing number of drivers – especially younger and less experienced drivers – regularly engaging in dangerously distracting behavior such as texting, checking social media on a smart phone, or looking at a GPS unit rather than the road. Many serious injuries and fatalities have been caused by distracted driving, and unfortunately, it is probably only a matter of time before the Pokémon Go fad adds to that tragic list.

Talk About Your Case with an Experienced East Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the particular distraction that causes a crash, innocent people can suffer devastating injuries and lose loved ones. If your family has been harmed by another driver’s distracted driving or other act of negligence, and you need advice about filing a claim against the responsible party, call board-certified east Texas car accident lawyer Earl Drott at (903) 531-9300. We handle claims throughout Smith County, Tyler, and other locations in east Texas.

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