Texas Motorcycle Accident Victims Deserve More Protections

Texas motorcycle accident victims need more protections. If you hit a pedestrian in Texas you’re pretty much in trouble. The notion is that pedestrians are so vulnerable to injury by a motor vehicle that motorists should be extra careful where pedestrians are concerned. Yet motorcyclists are no less vulnerable but the attitudes toward motorcyclists are much different. When a motorcyclist gets maimed or killed many Texans have the attitude that if you ride a motorcycle you deserve what you get. Similarly, there seems to be a feeling in East Texas that all vehicles have the right of way over motorcycles.

Texas is really missing the mark when it comes to motorcycles. Motorcycles are the most fuel efficient single passenger motor vehicles on Texas roadways. With fuel prices having recently set all time highs we should be encouraging and protecting the use of motorcycles. We have special “high occupancy vehicle” (HOV) lanes to encourage car pooling but give no special consideration to motorcycle riders who are far more fuel efficient than a car full of car poolers. Why not allow motorcycles to use the HOV lanes?

Texas also needs stiffer penalties for negligent motorists who cause accidents with motorcycles. While motorcycles are more fuel efficient their riders are likewise more vulnerable and need greater protections. Perhaps criminal penalties similar to those which apply to speeders in school zones would be appropriate. We also need greater civil penalties, such as increased punitive damages, for negligent drivers who cause injuries to motorcyclists. As fuel prices continue to rise motorcycles, as well as tiny fuel efficient cars, are going to become increasingly present on Texas roadways and only with increased protections and awareness are we going to be able to avoid maiming and killing large numbers of the drivers of our most fuel efficient vehicles.

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