Tyler Truck Accident Victims Get Hounded By Ambulance Chasing Attorneys

Texas truck accidents often draw the attention of ambulance chasing attorneys and their so called investigators. Commercial trucks are often huge, cause severe personal injuries and death, and are usually covered by large liability insurance policies. This combination often attracts the attention of unscrupulous attorneys who ignore Texas criminal laws and State Bar ethics rules in hopes of making a substantial fee. East Texas has a growing problem with ambulance chasing lawyers. These unscrupulous lawyers and their so called investigators call your home, show up on your front porch, and walk into your hospital room, uninvited, after you’ve been in an accident and try to persuade you to hire them. They solicit accident victims at a time when the victims are most vulnerable.

Texas Penal Code Sec. 38.12 makes it a felony for a lawyer, law firm, or a representative of a lawyer or law firm to contact, in person or by phone, an accident victim for the purposes of legal representation if the victim has not first requested the call or personal visit. State Bar Rule 7.03 makes such solicitation an ethical violation. A contract that was illegally obtained is voidable at the election of the victim and completely unenforceable. Thus a truck accident victim who has an attorney or investigator show up in his hospital room or at his home and persuade him to sign a contract may void the contract at any time and not pay the lawyer anything.
An attorney that has to resort to breaking the law and violating State Bar rules in order to get clients is not who you need handling your legal matters. These attorneys usually can’t get clients honestly for a reason. If you or anyone that you know has been solicited by a lawyer or investigator you should immediately report the matter to the State Bar of Texas at 1-800-932-1900.

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