Texas Teen Challenges Internet Giant’s Two-Hour Delivery Policy After Crash Allegedly Caused by Contracted Delivery Driver

If you’re old enough, you may remember when a certain national pizza chain guaranteed that your pizza would be delivered within 30 minutes. If it took longer than that for your pizza to arrive at your front door, it was free.

The pizza company ended that marketing campaign many years ago, and it has long been rumored that one of the primary reasons was that the company had faced multiple lawsuits from accident victims who claimed that the guarantee encouraged pizza deliverymen to drive unsafely in order to avoid giving away free pizza.

Now, a Texas teenager has reportedly filed suit against an internet sales giant, alleging that she was injured by a driver attempting to honor that company’s two-hour delivery promise.

Delivery Driver Allegedly at Fault in Accident

According to a news report, a young Texas woman was injured in an automobile accident with a driver who worked for a company that contracted with the internet store to make its deliveries in a particular area. The young woman claims that the delivery driver “pulled out in front of her,” causing the collision. The teen suffered a number of injuries in the wreck, including multiple fractures and a concussion.

The delivery driver did not receive a traffic citation, but the news report indicates that a police report places the delivery driver at fault in the accident.

Teen Sues Internet Store, Contractor, and Delivery Driver

The news report further indicates that the teen has brought suit against not only the allegedly at-fault delivery driver but also the driver’s employer and the internet store. Among the young woman’s allegations is a claim that the internet store’s policy of making deliveries within two hours of an online order “puts pressure on these drivers.”

There is reportedly also an allegation that the drivers who make the deliveries may not be adequately trained to meet the deadlines under the time constraints promised by the contractors and the internet store. The news report indicates that the internet store has issued a statement to the effect that it uses a variety of carriers and that safety is very important to it; the company also stated that its “delivery partners” are properly vetted and trained.

What Happens Next?

Just as an arrest in a criminal case does not equal a conviction, a lawsuit in a civil case does not automatically result in liability for the defendant. Given the nature and magnitude of the injured teen’s accusations against the internet store and the others involved in the case, it is likely to take quite some time before the matter is settled or proceeds to trial. Hopefully, the young woman will eventually receive fair compensation for her medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

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